Decorating Methods
Matan Embroidery

 Stitching is the most elegant of the available decorating methods. Embroidery provides an upscale look best used for corporate logos and specialty gifts. There are practically an endless number of thread colors available. Polyester thread is the type of thread most often used, providing a high sheen and no-fuss wash ability. On occasion, for artwork pieces and heirloom gifts, I use rayon threads. Rayon thread should not be bleached, as it will lose its color. There are no minimums when you order an embroidered item, although you can expect to pay less per item as you order more items.
Silk Screened printing:

Silk-screened prints are a good option when you want to have a more casual look. Silkscreen prints can be pressed onto many different items, but are most often used on cotton and cotton/poly mixes like on t-shirts and sweatshirts (a.k.a.fleece). Silkscreen is not a good option for polar fleece. Silk-screened prints are created with the use of inks screened onto a transfer paper, which are then later heat pressed (using heat, pressure and time) onto your garment. This method of printing is just as durable as silk-screening directly onto your garment. All silk-screened items will show some wear after many repeated washings, but can be best maintained by washing your garment inside out and drying at a low setting. Do not iron directly on the decorated part of your silk-screened garment. There is a minimum of 10 items for silk-screened transfer orders.

Digital Printing:

Digital printing is a newer form of decorating. Full color designs can be applied to virtually all textiles. It is a great way to get a design or logo on items such as bathing suits, Lycra work out clothing, neoprene, bottle cozies, and other items. Digital printing is an economical way to get a full color design without having to pay large amounts for individual screen set ups as in silk-screening. There is a photo realistic quality to digital printing. Digital prints are created on a transfer medium and then heat pressed onto your garment. Like silk-screened items, digital prints should last for many, many washes. They need to be cared for properly for best results. Turn items inside out, and tumble dry low. There is a minimum of $50 worth of transfers when ordering digital prints.

Direct to Garment Printing:

  Direct to garment printing is the latest craze! This method of printing uses a similar process to your desktop printer, but is a much larger version created for garments like t-shirts and fleece (sweatshirts). In direct to garment printing, ECO FRIENDLY WATER BASED inks are used. For the direct to garment machine we use (I believe, the best in the industry), white ink is not available. You must use all cotton or 50/50 cotton/poly items when using DTG. After printing your garment, we heat seal  it with a heat press. DTG is a great way to print if you want to provide the one of a kind gift to a loved one with your favorite photo on a shirt. There are no minimums when ordering a DTG product. Whether you order 1 shirt or 100, you can print a full color design.

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