Set up Fees

At Matan Embroidery we do our best to keep your set up fees to a minimum.

The better the artwork you can provide me with, the lower the fee will be. The fee for embroidery set up is based on the complexity of the design. Embroidery set up for chest size deisgns: i.e. 5" or less is $30. If you can provide me with an .eps file, a vector image file, there is generally no set up fee for silk-screened or digital designs. Otherwise, the cost is anywhere from $20 - $65 per design, depending how much work needs to be done on the design to have it camera ready for creating the screens or digital design. Once you have paid the initial set up fee for a specific design, you do not need to pay that again at a later date if you are reordering the exact design. Due to the custom nature of my work it is impossible to post pricing for every possible order, so call or email for more information about pricing based on your specific order.


Minimum order amount is $15.00

Your embroidery is priced based on the number of stitches and the complexity of the design. 

Silk Screen and Digital Heat Press

Like embroidery, the price of your job will depend on the complexity of the design at hand. For heat seal designs from silkscreen, the fewer the colors in your design, the lower the price. For digital designs you can have a limitless number of colors without changing the price!
Interested in Silk Screened or Digital prints?

Minimum order for silk screened designs:  10 t-shirts

Minimum order for digital designs: $50. Digital designs are priced by the square inch with the charge of 0.25 cents per square inch.

Direct to Garment

Direct to garment printing is a similar process to your desktop printer, but is a much larger version created for garments like t-shirts and fleece (sweatshirts). In direct to garment printing, ECO FRIENDLY WATER BASED inks are used.  Please contact for current pricing.


If you order garments from my PRODUCTS page, I offer discounts depending on the number of garments you order.  Items from catalog one are offered at 10% discount if you order 6 or more of the same item (sizes can vary) and 15% discount if you order 12 or more of the same item (sizes can vary).

Matan Embroidery will create for you that one specialty custom item or 100's of tees whatever your needs are, we aim to deliver. We offer discounts on larger orders.
Matan Embroidery
Payment accepted:  cash, check and credit card
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